About french & english bulldog. Interesting facts about the breed

  • Is the French Bulldog a vulnerable breed? No, they are the most popular dogs in the UK and elsewhere in the world
  • They are thought to be originally from Ancient Greece
  • Great care must be taken when French Bulldogs travel on planes because they are a brachycephalic breed and therefore more at risk if they travel in cargo holds
  • French Bulldogs are not built to be good swimmers and care should always be taken when they are around water
  • Frenchies are very sensitive dogs by nature and hate being shouted at
  • They can have two shapes to their ears being rose-shaped or bat-shaped with dogs in the UK mainly being bred to have rose-shaped ears
  • Lace makers in the UK were big fans of the breed and used Frenchies as lap warmers while working
  • A 9-year old Frenchie called Bugsy adopted a baby orangutan called Malone in Twycross Zoo and looked after the baby until he was old enough to join the mature orangutans
  • French Bulldogs are not “barkers”, but they are a talkative breed by nature and will hold long conversations with the people they love
  • French Bulldogs are a firm favourite with many celebrities the world over which includes Hugh Jackman who owns a dog called Dali. About french & english bulldog.

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we know Quality ” So I personally breed to better the English Bulldog breed and I Enjoy helping others find their English bulldog companion’ with no worries ” But before you buy a bulldog Please understand all the common health concerns with the bulldog breed. Educate yourself.

My puppies are from my personal dogs or from hobby breeders I network with who  I trust.  I will always be here ” as a breeder and as a friend .  Welcome to the bulldog world ! ‘ Be ready to love it!! About french & english bulldog

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about french & english bulldog
about french & english bulldog
about french & english bulldog